Monday, 8 October 2012

A few words from REDI

“We are Redi Extra and we are based in Bootle. This ‘culture sculpture’ is about our city and our lives, and the lives of people before us. Thank you to artist Faith Bebbington who helped us design and make it”.
Amy, Charlotte, Deanna, Debbie, Emma, Megan, Lizzie, Robyn, Sarah, Sian, Sophie, and leaders Hannah and Paul.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Finishing touches

I have added more Liverpool themed details since the REDI girls visit. 
The sculpture is almost complete, so I'm covering the surface with paper mache now.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Working in Faith's studio

Applying paper mache to the sculpture.

The girls spent time looking for items they had made at the workshops held at Y Kids, Bootle. Altogether the girls have had eight sessions (2 hours each) working with Faith, plus this studio time between January and April. To get the 'Spiral of Life' to this stage Faith has also spent another eight days working on it in her studio so far.

Visiting Faith's Studio

Tues 19th April. REDI group gathered outside the Bridewell Studios, Liverpool. 
Ready to see Faith's progress with compiling the 'Spiral of Life' sculpture!

Monday, 18 April 2011

Adding the detail

More figures added onto spiral, all linked together as the girls at REDI requested. Also including local references they chose (and sometimes supplied) such as the Beatles badge, Mickey Mouse for Disney shop, Superlambanana...

The word 'Liverpool' helps support the spiral.

Positioning the key elements

The Spiral framework is now built. Faith begins to position the key pieces within the sculptural installation. A person, boat and 3D word were roughly placed on the spiral to judge the sculptures' height and scale. Then other figures were added and moved around to get it to look balanced.

Faith begins building the installation at her studio!

Faith has taken the REDI group's sculptures and design ideas back to her studio (Bridewell Studio, Liverpool). 
To complete the work she begins by building a spiral structure which will hold the sculptures. The spiral was chosen to reflect the shape of the lovely staircase in the atrium, under which the sculpture will be displayed.